Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jolly Mystery at the Jubilee

Talent overflows in the Fort Worth area. You just have to poke your head around corners, put a name on the waiting list on a Saturday evening, and celebrate with jubilation when the name is called. Preview night at the Jubilee Theatre ( proved to be a hoot. Sam Shade: A Detective Musical had us chasing the Maltese Chicken, and no we aren't talking Chinese food.
And "No, don't do it Sam, don't sing." Sure enough, the leading man never got a number, but he kept everyone else around him singing a fine tune. Comedy, drama, and a heartfelt love song by the lascivious secretary, Lucy Lipschlitz (amazing voice of Sheran G. Keyton) kept the audience alternately laughing and applauding. Two standouts for me were Major A. Attaway and Aaron D. Petite (they played versions of the Sidney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre Falcon characters).
All in all, kudos to playwright/composer Joe Rogers for imagination and creativity. Bravos to the fine singers, dancers, and actors of the Jubilee organization. It was an entertaining Saturday night and thanks to the city of Fort Worth/Sundance Square for FREE parking.
Support local theater: Sam Shade runs 7/31/09 thru 8/23/09 at the Jubilee Theatre
You know, "life is a mystery".

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  1. Didn't I just read this post on Ann's site??? LOL. You two must have had a blast. Good for you.