Monday, July 20, 2009

Any Excuse for Cake

You never know what will occur where I work. Sometimes we set things on fire, sometimes we break things on purpose, and we do check parts for corrosion.
We also have fun, and my boss is a space and lunar lunatic (in a good way). Thus, to honor the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing and moonwalk, he and his wife hosted a neighborhood party. Fortunately employees did get to eat lemon cake (see above) and homemade ice cream.
He was also asking folks to give their tale of that day. What did they remember? Well, I was ten years old and clueless. Absolutely zero interest at that time. I do remember my father stayed up to watch Neil Armstrong take his step. Sunday night I watched a salute to the late Walter Cronkite and I think I've watched enough video of his space program reports through the years, that it is as if I remember watching the whole thing live.
To this day, it is an amazing feat and certainly an event worthy of delicious cake. I've read my current issue of Time magazine - cover story is the moonwalk. I should probably read a memoir or two from these famous astronauts. Plus there's plenty of music as a backdrop - Elton John's Rocket Man, David Bowie's Space Oddity, The Police Walking on the Moon, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, plus Moon River, Fly Me to the Moon, and more.
What are your moon memories? Or pick a favorite moon song..........Just don't take moon day literally. We don't need any neighborhood or workplace incidents!

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