Thursday, July 23, 2009

It Could Be Rubbish

Movie review time. This whole week represents summertime fun. Movie on Sunday and here's my thoughts on it below. Moon Day on Monday. See American Idol tour tonight - so music discussion coming up soon. I'm on a full entertainment splash. It's summer time!

I did watch the ABC special on J.K.Rowling and it showed her typing the final words to The Deathly Hollows, the grand finale book. She sorta sighed and wistfully said, "It could be rubbish." slight pause...."But I'm happy. I wanted to know what happened to Harry, and I'm pleased."

That sums up the writing process - the author wants to find out what happens to her characters. Then she hopes you want to do so too.

So, here's my review that appears in the Little Paper of San Saba:

It's the sixth Harry Potter film and this reviewer thinks the series gets better and better. "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" is amazing filmmaking, excellent acting, and deep characterizations. At this point, you can't just wander into a Harry Potter film and catch up. Best to read all of the books (by J.K.Rowling) in order because they are a magical experience indeed. Or, if you must skip reading (sigh), then watch all of the films in order. The series has been building and now we are deep into Harry's teen years. He's almost a senior at Hogwarts School of Wizardry, he's finding love, and he's dabbling in stronger and stronger potions. His mentor Albus Dumbledore is leading Harry to find the clues, to find the way to battle and win against the ultimate evil - Lord Voldemort. (Ssshhhh! Don't say his name.)

The special effects in this film leave me awestruck. The amazing cast of British actors is a lesson in diction, phrasing, and delivery. Alan Rickman as Snape - oh so dark, oh so cunning. Michael Gambon as Dumbledore - so kind, so intelligent,so imposing. Maggie Smith - inimitable. A new addition to the ranks - Jim Broadbent as Professor Slughorn, ever masterful. Helena Bonham Carter as Belatrix - dark mistress and a total wack-a-do. The kids have grown and frankly have learned to act - they are quite good and have added depth to their characters. Daniel Radcliff is Harry, Rupert Grint is Ron, and Emma Watson is Hermione. I won't forget to mention Hagrid, played by Robbie Coltrane - that loveable mountain of a man.

So, too many plot points to mention. Harry's potion book was used and signed by The Half Blood Prince. Whoever that was, was brilliant, giving Harry clues to better his magic and spells. Dumbledore has Harry looking into the memory bowl to see Tom Riddle as the odd but genius child who grew into the master of the dark arts - Voldemort. He's the one who killed Harry's parents and many more and now seeks Harry. This episode of the series explores friendships, new found loves, and loyalty. It truly all comes down to good and evil with love the key to survival. The final book in the series is "The Deathly Hallows" and it is being split into two films. Potter fanatics are disturbed by this. I can, however, see it play out into two hugely strong films. There's a lot of action to come and frankly, shouldn't be crammed into one flick.

Thus, see "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince", and enjoy the buildup to the greatest battle of Harry's life. This film will keep you wanting more, and it will come in a year or two. Whew! See it on the big screen. This is worth admission, drinks, and popcorn. Kudos to a magical world.

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  1. Great review! Also liked the J.K. Rowling quote. Isn't that the truth -- we just want to know what happens to our characters. Good post.

  2. There's something euphoric but otherwise indescribable about typing those two little words "THE END"