Friday, July 17, 2009

Friends in a Juried Art Show

I was excited to get an email the other day from my good friend JB Harlin. He and his wife are talented photographers - I'm talking true art here, from the school of Ansel Adams or Edward Weston. Anyway - could get exciting in the Harlin household. Both JB and his wife, Susan, have a photograph selected. Here's a copy of the email announcement:

Hello Everyone,
Hope summer is not baking everyone as badly as here in North Texas. On a cooler note, Susan and I have each had a photograph selected for the 2009 TAC Juried Membership Show at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center. We would like to extend an invitation for anyone interested to join us Friday August 7th for the competition reception and awards presentation. For more information please visit our BLOG. . .

As always, thanks for your support,JB & Susan

So, check out their blog and let me know your opinion on the pics. The crispness of their black and white photographs, the subtle shades of gray, the nuances into the depths of nature. I generally go Wow! and Wow! again as I realize the richness of their work.

Personally I'm hoping they tie for first place! Good luck you two and thanks for sharing your art with us. The show will be at the FW Community Arts Center for the month of August. Stop by.


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