Sunday, July 5, 2009

Post 4th Fizzle or Sizzle

Fugitives from the law - Ray lit my killer bees fireworks and we had a little mini-display without setting ourselves on fire. We did enjoy the City of Bedford's display from our front yard - could see the show zoom into the sky from the Boy's Ranch. Thumbs up on the ooh! and aah! factor.
The week after July 4, 1776 must have been a huge letdown for the major players as they clopped on horseback back to the farm or awaited reviews in the local press. Sweating under powdered wigs and smiling for the local citizens who questioned ones wisdom and words must have been a drag. What would our Revolutionary heroes make of today’s interactive, instant news world? Would the Declaration of Independence have been written and signed or would it have been tweaked with blog leaks and twittered commentary?

I think Ben Franklin’s Facebook page would have been incredibly popular and he’d have been reprimanded dearly for keeping his cell phone on ring. Thomas Jefferson’s blog would have a lot of folks bragging that they read it, but none that could understand his esoteric treatise on democracy and freedom. George Washington’s huge fan base would have everyone in Philly tweeting about his whereabouts. Finally, there’s poor John Adams - nary a comment or friend. (Abigail, on the other hand…)

Social networking certainly has its place, but when it comes to great writing and deep thinking, it is best to turn to solitude. Whether by the glow of the computer screen, or the flicker of candlelight, writers should contemplate quiet and history, dig deep, and then let the words click, the ink flow. Oh, the pen is mighty. Yes, create your platform and your outlets, but make sure your words live up to the hype. This was true in 1776 and now in today’s 2009 world.
Enjoy July and make it sizzle, not fizzle

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  1. I had to laugh at your musings today and then after the chuckle, you made me think. I'm working on the sizzle. Good post, Joanne.