Thursday, July 9, 2009

Water cooler chat

Gotta love the English language - "slangs, puns, and putdowns - freshly minted coinages from the white-hot furnace of electronic culture." (1)

Time spent on Facebook - Social notworking.

Brickor mortis - dried up housing market.

Daylighting - work a second job while on the clock for your first job.

Cramer-Krasselt, a Chicago ad agency compiles a zeitgeist dictionary and their new words zap into life as we know it.

I laughed out loud at textually frustrated, ecconoisseur, and enoughism, off gridding - lots of words identified by "societal trends, such as sin vs. salvation spending." (2)

Language is ever-evolving and phrases for 2009 will no doubt disappear by 2010 only to be replaced by a pack of new idioms. Writers - keep this in mind for book characters who want to stay cool and trendy.

(1, 2) Thanks to the Dallas Morning News Business section for their article "Making Light of Language" (June 28, 2009).

One final painful term - steeply devalued retirement account: 201K
Arrrgghh - I'm not laughing now.



  1. Just letting you know that you've been tagged ;) And even if you don't do it, I will be happy just knowing that I may be directing people to your blog b/c I think it is awesome.