Tuesday, June 2, 2009

volley rejection

This writer did play at 3.0 level tennis, and every so often managed to fool her opponent with a wicked lefty return. Unfortunately, tennis elbow has cramped my style, and now just about the time I think about hitting a few, I get a serious twinge. So, I settle for watching tennis on television - does that count as exercise?

French Open this week (hence the French dictionary in the pic) and seeing the fall of Rafael Nadal (who practically was annointed the champ before playing) made me think again about rejection and frankly, the ups and downs of life.
Confidence in your game can equate to confidence in your writing. An overpowering serve or fancy footwork can keep you in the game, same with the pace of a plot and a charismatic protagonist. One clunker into the net can rattle you, same with a brutal rejection letter. Tentative strokes and a slumpy shoulder attitude will convince your opponent that you've lost your game. Unpolished manuscripts set the writer up for a fall.
Tennis is a game of skill, pacing, and fitness (and some luck). Writing is a game of verbal skills, plot pacing, and mental agility (plus some luck).
Game, set, match, plus a lot of sweat (and maybe a few tears, too). Write, re-write, mail (plus sweat and tears too).
This week we can also scream "Zut alors"!

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  1. Excellent analogy!

    I'm polishing on some words right now. A little more sweat and grit needed.