Sunday, June 14, 2009

the secret gardens

Shhh! I'm hiding out on one of the many tiered patios on one of the properties in Ridglea Hills. This picture is not from there. All top secret, no cameras, but there were flowers like the above. Plus daylilies, water features (yes, friend Cecil - you need water tumbling over rocks and a cute little bridge arching over it), yard art (start welding), and comfy patio chairs nestled into cute little nooks and crannies.

The Hidden Gardens Fort Worth Tour offered six fabulous private gardens. Truly breathtaking vistas and plenty of seating around the properties. I'm thinking I can hide out with a book, dip into pools, and no one would find me for quite awhile.

Lots of hard work goes into these Texas Master gardens - sweat, dirt under the nails, and an eye for color. These folks probably don't have time to read or sit down. Now that's a shame, so I've decided to enjoy their hard work and ramble from tier to tier. It's been hot, but the one home with a private lakeview offered a breeze.

By the way, I did my part for beautification. I actually plucked some stray nut grass from a lovely section of rock garden at one home. I must say I was a tad shocked at such shoddiness - a teensy crack in perfection.

Hmm. Getting hungry. Do you think a pizza delivery would blow my cover?

Fun times in Fort Worth and I do thank these folks for allowing this tourist malingerer to trample their turf.


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  1. I can't imagine having 2,000 trecking through my garden, which is how many tickets that were sold, but if they all took your lead and each one plucked a stray weed, it would look pristine in no time. . . just a thought.