Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Geyser of Writing Dreams

Here's a flash back to summer 2006. Old Faithful. Amazing, fantastic, awe inspiring. Notice the lovely blue sky and cool clouds in the picture. This was back when Ray had a crappy annoying job, but tons of vacation time. There's a tradeoff, I guess. You pay to play somehow, some way. Thus we enjoyed a two week road trip.
6/25/09 Orange Air Alert - Avoid Outdoor Activity. Hooray - a blessing to sit inside and read and write. Unfortunately chores must still be completed. Hence.......
I mowed the lawn today before it hit 100 degrees. It rained last night - one hour, one inch of torrential downpour complete with thunder and lightening. Thus my plan to mow early was blown and I waited for less soggy grass this morning. But I also wanted to beat the heat - now that's tricky. By the time I finished the front, I was soaking wet before jumping into the pool. Aahh, but that cut my temperature and delirium.
My leap into the pool did not quite create a geyser. And the sky above is a tainted blue/gray nasty haze. But the job got finished and I worked on a Chicken Soup story, a poem inspired by the local 7-11 parking lot, and a critique for a friend. It might be time to head back out to the pool for a lazy dip and a good read. (current choice: The Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England by Brock Clarke - quirky and fun so far)
Time to flash forward and live in the moment and then perhaps write to rekindle travel memories.

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