Thursday, September 16, 2010

A New Word for Tableau

Despite our continued hot humid temperatures, I'm determined to welcome fall into my home. With that in mind, Linda T. and I attended a Pottery Barn one hour decorating class. Pottery Barn's goal was to sell product (they succeeded), and our goal was to gather new ideas. The sales/decorator woman introduced me to a new word: TABLESCAPE. I checked Webster's and it's not there, but tablescape is an appropriate PB All-American term for arranging your crap in an eye-pleasing manner. In ancient times, the fancier French term tableau would suffice. (It's in the dictionary). So, I worked out color, texture, and staggered my decorative gems. I do lack proportion, but I don't buy really tall things due to lack of storage space.
Fun with language indeed. There is a reason why my runner is on a slant. Turns out my tablescape covers a table scrape. Pottery Barn did not include that issue in this class, but perhaps they will in the future: Flair for Flaws.

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