Thursday, September 2, 2010

Post-It Communication

Are you sick of NY pics yet? Well, tough. I'm going to use them as backdrop since I had such a good time and I took a lot of great angles. Here's the NY Stock Exchange down in Wall Street. Ray and I were there in August 2001. No big deal. Tons of hustle and bustle, cars, buses, traffic, people,etc. Now it's a bit of a fortress for good reason. Strictly pedestrian traffic and a bit of a holy hush. This flag is monstrous and truly memorable. America = money & power. Wall Street is the epicenter.
Our Staten Island Ferry trip was a bit hazy and overcast. Nonetheless, the great lady loomed large and people from all over the world paid her proper homage. I'm surprised we didn't capsize. I swear everyone was on the side of the ferry to view the Statue of Liberty. Truly - she gives me chills every time. I've visited Ellis Island and when you think of the immigrant history - it does give one pause. That's America!

St. Patrick's Cathedral. I'd turn Catholic if this was my church every week. Holy cow! It's gorgeous, ridiculous, and overwhelming. The amount of money spent on this place would feed, clothe, and care for multitudes. Nonetheless, the sheer facade brings in more and more and more, so who am I to question religion? It makes no sense, but I for one walk in the door and pay homage to stained glass windows, statues, and the sense of the Holy. It's a sight to behold.

Cool decoration outside Radio City Music Hall. I've seen shows in here and I've seen the Rockettes. Amazing facility and worth a tour.

Grand Central Station - absolutely a fabulous place to experience. Trains from everywhere. New York timing on a dime. Folks arriving with dreams, and people leaving crushed and beaten. You see everything and everybody. The restoration is gorgeous. So, post-it communication. I love writing post-it notes. I love the little yellow pads. I put a note in my husband's lunch every day. I leave notes on folders at work. Ray rolls his eyes sometimes, as do my guys at work. I throw in humor or commentary.
Either way, I'm amused. Sometimes (sadly) that's my writing for the day. Pithy, earnest, and worthy of a chuckle.


  1. I finally got a chance to catch up on your blog. What an amazing trip you had to NYC. You took great pictures -- I love the perspectives and textures of the city you brought out with your photography. I hope you'll post all your shots.

  2. I was surprised how small the New York Stock Exchange was. I expected it to stretch over city blocks.
    Great pictures.