Saturday, August 28, 2010

NYC Variety

The Campbell Apartment is the coolest bar you could never find. This is tucked in a far corner at Grand Central Station. Very nifty history and a speakeasy atmosphere. Did not have a drink here. Don't think I could afford a drink here. But walk in, play tourist, and soak up the effect.
Metropolitan Museum of Art. Awesome. The entrance fee is actually at your discretion. "Suggested fee - $20 for an adult." I truly have no problem with museum fees if I'm spending all day. However, I paid $5 that Sunday. We caught a nifty exhibit on the American Woman - fashion from 1890 to present day. And then we zoomed to the Egyptian wing and marveled at the Temple of Dendur. This is fabulous plunder from Egypt. Allegedly we saved this temple from drowning due to a dam and water re-route. Whatever occurred, it is an excellent wing of the museum.

Lower East Side Tenement Museum is a must-see. My friend, Joan, recommended this and she was spot-on. Amazing history in regards to our immigrant ancestors. We did the garment worker tour and this encompassed one hour of immersion in a 325 ft.square apartment that originally had no heat, no air, no plumbing, etc in 1890. A family with a few kids plus a few worker bees were cranking out fine laced garments in this wretched condition. Definitely makes you think - and at the time, those folks had it "good". It was better than the old world, and they could progress ... ultimately create their own businesses and move upward. Talk about tenacious.

The Staten Island Ferry is THE bargain of NYC. Yep - hop aboard for a one hour round trip. Over to Staten Island and then back to Manhattan. Why? The view. The scenery. The Statue of Liberty. And it's FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eating pizza at Vezzo's on Lexington and 31st. These signs were posted around the area. Film shoot - streets closed. Very cool - looks like it was going to be a Volkswagon Commercial. NYC is the place to be.

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