Thursday, August 19, 2010

New York Inspiration

Spent a splendid long weekend in New York City, and I strolled Library Way in front of the New York Public Library. Great quotes from great writers to spur imagination, creativity, and education.

Often one needs to look up in New York. The buildings tower and the edifices, cornices, sculptures, and doo-dads glisten in the sunlight. However, it's intriguing to look down too and be captured by deep thoughts.
The New York Public Library is dauntingly massive and worth a public tour. Marble everywhere. Wood painted plaster. Murals. The official reading room (which is often seen in cinema) is amazing. Swarms of people are doing research, reading, thinking, and creating. It's fabulous and FREE. This is not a lending library. Instead the soul purpose is research with over forty miles of book stacks. FORTY MILES. The thought of all of those books makes me dizzy.

Or there's a map room. Or periodicals dating back to the 1800s. Or geneology. Or.................................the sky's the limit.

There will be many posts ahead concerning New York - the revitalization of my spirit, not to mention fantastic pizza at Vezzo's - 31st and Lexington! Feed the soul and the stomach.

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  1. What a fun week-end. I bet the weather was more pleasant too.