Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer Scattershoot

Party for a two year old. Makyla just unwrapped our present and there's a small tug of war over the really cool rubber ball we gave her. You know, there's a lot of drama in life at age two. It's not all goodness and light - deep seeded resentments prevail and motivation for theft. Fortunately, the attention span is short and we had more presents to open.
Ray and I attempt to build Makyla's library. So there's a book flung on the floor and she has one in hand. The general titles and pictures are not enthralling (forget the Stieg Larsson Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,etc series). However, barnyard animals, colors, and opposites are engaging when you are two. Kevin, her father, is pleased to have some new reading material to recite over and over and over. And, you know, he's still working on his colors!

Books in hand, she seemed happy. Other kids were ready to move on. Barbies were a big hit as well as a vanity set. However, I do believe the books have staying power.

Props to Maria (the mother) for a very lovely oreo ice cream cake. The party theme was garden - flowers and butterflies. The decorations were extremely clever and the cake was yummy.

I told you it was yummy. This is the way to eat ice cream cake. Strip to the skivvies and dig in. Just don't open a book to read until you've wiped your hands ... and face ... and ..........

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