Sunday, August 22, 2010

Splendid Summer Days

My blog readers are going to have to bear with me - I had too much fun in New York City and took lots of pictures. So, upcoming posts shall feature the Big Apple. I normally hate to be in pictures, but here's Linda T. and me. Actually we were on our way to A Little Night Music
, but Come Fly Away would be Saturday night. Couldn't miss the photo op. I'll feature Broadway in the next post. Here's Saturday in Central Park - an oasis of greenery, people watching, and the opportunity to stroll. I contemplated the miles famous writers have walked in the park - seeking plot points, working out characters and no doubt drawing from the hordes crossing paths. It is inspirational.

Glorious weather on Saturday 8/14 - mid-80s with a breeze. Sure beat the 100+ in Texas.

Water feature near Rockefeller Center. Sure, there's lots of people and taxis and traffic and noise. But New York also works at greenery, fountains, and plots of calm serenity. You just have to seek them out.

Reflection in more ways than one. I was sitting in Bryant Park on Tuesday morning, munching on a multi-grain bagel, watching folks do free yoga behind the NY Public Library (does it count as exercise if you watch?) and the trees/buildings reflected in glass caught my eye. It's in my notes and might pop up in a poem or a book scene. Or as a happy memory.

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