Thursday, August 5, 2010

Heat is On

Day Six over 100 degrees. I recommend moving slowly and steadily into a cool building, like the Fort Worth Museum of Science & History. I talked about the Leonardo exhibit, but there's a lot more to do and see. The Fort Worth History Gallery features a streetcar journey through the past. Check out fashions and frolic from mid 1870s to the 1930s. Or mosey over to the Cattle Raisers Museum section, and gasp at all of the branding irons, spurs, barbed wire styles, ten gallon hats, and interesting ledgers on the business of cows, steers, bulls, and ranching.
This cool looking alphabet chair will sear your bottom, so I recommend sitting indoors at a bookstore and perusing material. Sadly, Legacy Books in Plano, a huge independent bookseller, is closing its doors August 14th. The heat is on in regards to brick and mortar. Hard to sustain a loyal following for an independent, and huge chains like Borders and Barnes & Noble are in dire straits. Half Price Books hangs tough - their market in used books stays steady.

A final suggestion for keeping cool - movies. Summer popcorn trashy fun can be found at my favorite theater, Cinemark Grapevine. Four dollar matinees before six. That can't be beat. So, here's my review (also published in The Little Paper of San Saba):
No pepper needed, Salt is enough. And that's Evelyn Salt as portrayed by Angelina Jolie in total kickass mode. I love Cold War Soviet spy thrillers and this movie is old school fun. It's short, fast paced, total blow 'em up hokum, but it works. Evelyn Salt looks like an ordinary worker bee at a company with a fake name. Sure, she's CIA, but still has to be a loyal American. Until ...
A Russian defector walks in the door (in Washington DC) and names her as the spy who plans to kill the Russian president in New York. What? Sure enough, she escapes from her workplace and looks very guilty. Bam - she's in NY and blowing up a church (and the Russian Prez) sky high. Or is she? I'm not going to give away more plot. Needless to say, she's an orphan and was raised in Russia with hordes of other youth.
Liev Shrieber plays her CIA partner and he's shocked by her actions and betrayal of all that he knows. There are other agents who question what is happening, and ultimately why is Orlov, the Russian defector now dead? The stunts and chases are exciting. The director, Phillip Noyce, has worked with Angelina before and the two make movie magic. She's larger than life on screen with those huge eyes, big lips, and lithe tall body. Apparently she did a lot of her own stunt work, and that makes the movie extra fun.
Russian bad guys are always awesome movie fodder. This is a great summer popcorn flick. Go for the large tub, extra butter, and yeah, a diet cola on the side. Maybe add some extra SALT.
Stay cool everyone - the heat is ON.


  1. Great suggestions -- if only I could stand being in a car. Oh wait, if I could stand being in a car I don't have! We've got broken down cars lining the driveway with my harried and beleaguered engineer/mechanic husband sweating in the stifling heat. I bet even your pool is rather tepid right about now. though still refreshing. Good post!