Sunday, August 1, 2010

Roaring Genius

I treated my husband, Ray, to a Fort Worth birthday. Lunch at Lucille's (he had chicken fried steak & eggs brunch), then we greeted this T-Rex with a roar for a tour of the newly refurbished Fort Worth Museum of Science & History. Plus, Adrenaline Rush at the Omni Theater proved exhilarating. Museums are a fabulous source of information, plus people watching - all imperative for a writer of fiction, poetry, or non-fiction.

A dinosaur topiary is only one of many attractions welcoming you to a day of learning and plenty of wow.
Special exhibit on Leonardo da Vinci is exceptionally well done. When one looks at the time line of his life and what he did from 1452 to 1519 ...well, obviously my lazy butt hasn't done enough. Art - a little painting called the Mona Lisa is more than most artists could hope to achieve. But, wait there's more - how about drawings that show automobiles, cranes, pulley systems, arched bridges, and human flight?

Mad dreamer in his day? Perhaps, and yet this genius artist and inventor is relevant five hundred years later and inspires scientists and artists alike. It is amazing to watch children turn cranks and learn physics properties and ask for more.

Flight is the ultimate dream. In Adrenaline Rush, we see a group create a parachute based on a Leonardo design. It had never been tested before. Will the principle of seven yards of material work? I won't blow the plot line - go see for yourself. Treat yourself to a day of questions, learning, and insight into a genius. Fort Worth Cultural District is the place to be on a Saturday.

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  1. Definitely well worth the visit. I just have one question? Where's the turtle?
    Less of Me