Thursday, October 13, 2011

Book Review: Portrait of a Spy

Daniel Silva is back with Gabriel Allon and crew, in another exciting thriller, Portrait of a Spy, that spans the globe.

Just when Gabriel thinks his life is calm again, restoring a rare painting, walking the Italian coastline near his home, and loving his beautiful wife, terrorist attacks occur. The old team of top Israeli agents is reassembled, and this time Gabriel recruits a billionaire Saudi woman to penetrate the terrorist organization. Her money is the lure, but her beauty and negotiation skills prove resourceful. One more kicker, Gabriel assassinated her father years ago.

Layers of intrigue abound. Silva's writing heightens the pace and tension. You'll turn the pages, eager to root for Gabriel's crew of world weary richly drawn characters.

Portrait of a Spy captures today's world. Fortunately, the good guys (and gals) can still win.

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