Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Self-Publishing Adventure

I am a pumpkinhead. Total mush in the old brain cavity. I thought I could read and execute written instructions. Well, the Smashwords bible has proven me wrong. They said it would take approximately two hours for a conversion from Word document to the Smashwords meat word grinder. I'm on hour five with more to go. I did figure on double the number. Silly me.

Indeed, like this lily pond at the arboretum, tentacles reach into an unknown abyss causing strange formats. I've re-done some sections two or three times. Fix one thing. Ooops. Another goes awry. Fix that, and other sections are wonky. Close to tears at times, I forged on.

Why can't it line up all pretty, like this lovely arboretum display? My guess is that the horticulturist in charge sees a flaw somewhere in this display. Just like a misplaced comma, or weird line spacings, or ... argghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd ask this young man, but he's trying to figure out formatting too. Ha!

But seriously, I sorta figured out a cover through Createspace. It's on hold, and actually Ray doesn't care for the picture. I can see his point. We'll seek some new material Friday at the State Fair (don't ask, but it's gonna work, I swear).

In regards to Smashwords, I shall conquer it. Then onwards to my Wordpress website. For some reason, I can't seem to get the correct username/password to connect. I was in a circle of hell for hours today. No wonder computer geeks are pasty white. I can see how one doesn't emerge for days during a computer project.

This is a new author adventure. I now appreciate how easy the actual writing was to do. We have far more to discuss in this publishing crusade.

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