Saturday, October 8, 2011

State Fair of Texas - 125 Years Young

Today's my birthday (and I'm not quite 125 years old). The self-publishing adventure went nowhere this week. I appear to be in format hell, and a password circle of preposterous responses on my trying-to-design-a-website project. So, the heck with it. Ray and I took vacation on Friday October 7th to visit The State Fair of Texas

Automobile building is always a must see. Nothing like a concept Corvette to get the heart racing. Write 'em a check, honey.

Cirque Shanghai - talented Chinese acrobats wowed the crowd with fabulous feats of balance and tumbling. They conquered the Texas blustery wind.

It's not the fair without a shot of Big Tex. Dressed in new duds, his booming voice welcomes crowds and describes the day's events. From dawn to dusk, enjoy frisbee catching trick dogs, pig races, Creative Arts - photos, drawings, quilts, and canned fruits & veggies, Food & Fiber Pavilion - free ice cream, USMC band, the Midway, and so much more. The grand finale for us was the Illumination Sensations fireworks/laser light/music/fountain spectacular.

Fried food heaven. Ray and I stuck with the Fletcher corny dogs, and later a funnel cake. However, the newcomer was Fried Bubblegum. It looked sweetly sickening to me. Plenty of other products for coronary thrombosis - fried s'mores, fried butter, fried autumn pie, fried margarita ... only in Texas.

2011 State Fair of Texas - 125 years and still going strong. The Art Deco buildings in Fair Park are restored gleaming gems. The Hall of State is magnificent. Kudos to the State Fair organizers for an extraordinary entertainment extravaganza.

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