Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Ray

 August 1st birthday
candles add heat
to the Texas inferno of
good wishes, cheer, and love
that burn for you
 happiness and health
can't ask for much more
well, maybe treats to cover
multi-sports - scuba, hunting
baseball - big score
let's celebrate the day
week, month, and year
cake baked, dinner I'll cook
Ray, you're Olympic gold
in my book

Happy Birthday, Ray!!!!           

note - pics taken in Clearwater, FL where life was cool, fresh, and relaxing. Temps in Texas on August 1st expected to hit 108 F.  Dinner might just be ice cream.


  1. Ice-cream for dinner sounds great!

    Happy birthday Ray!

  2. Happy Birthday, Ray! It's my birthday, too! How cool is that?