Thursday, August 23, 2012

Movie Review: The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne movies starring Matt Damon were exciting, action packed, government conspiracy thrillers. Rest assured - The Bourne Legacy continues the tradition of baffling, intriguing opening plot sequences that reel us into confusion. Then the movie's spool unwinds with clues, and we along with Aaron (Jeremy Renner) figure out good guys/bad guys and how to evade them all.

Bourne is gone and yet all that he symbolizes lives on in new chemically enhanced operatives. However, as Aaron slowly realizes, he's a wanted man and all of the others have been killed. Plus, he needs his meds. Going straight to the source - the lab - he ends up with a doctor (Rachel Weisz) who had done his workups for years. She, too, becomes a target for elimination and the two have to trust each other, work together, and run like heck through Manila, Philippines. Now if this paragraph totally confused you, well that's the zigzag and surprises aplenty in The Bourne Legacy. I'm not going to reveal more.

Excellent cast. David Straithairn is back. Edward Norton is commanding as the guy trying to shut down the program, knowing the whole thing is ready to blow sky high. He's constantly saying, "If this goes further…" and "Top secret." Jeremy Renner is perfect as the new version of Bourne. He's a tightly wound actor anyway, and in this movie he's coiled to perfection. Rachel Weisz is a great accomplice - smart, pretty, and physically fit.

The Bourne Legacy zooms, hums, and has awesome chase scenes, plenty of blow-em-ups, and fills the bill for a smart summer thriller.


  1. We're a Bourne family so we all went to see it on its opening day. Like you, we're fans of the new one. Lots of action, crazy stunts, twists and turns.

  2. I loved the first movie in the series and then the cameraman started on new medication and the spinning shots sent me running for the dramamine.