Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nostalgia - baseball poems

Summer and baseball. I have two new poems in  Baseball Bard

One is  Hot Streak 

The other is

Red Bat prompted a discussion from my family. Fond memories indeed. Turns out the bat is fifty years old. My Pop-Pop Shutters bought it for me at the Q-Mart in Quakertown, PA. It was oversized plastic - bright red in color. My sister remembers it as faded pink by the time she got to play with it (she's ten years younger than me). Turns out my brother still has it and his kids (now 18 and 21) played with it.
David sent us this picture - it's bone white and doesn't seem as big or unwieldy as when I was four.

Here's what my brother had to say during out email discussion - Would someone like to be buried with the bat! I still have it. Faded totally and cracked at the top

Summertime memories - what's old and faded in your closet?


  1. Summer & baseball, can't have one without the other :)

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  2. My real star moonstone ring's glimmer is faded, affected by years of wear. Scuffs and bangs on the surface detract from its beauty, but the stone could be resurfaced, I'm sure.

  3. My sister's pretty old and faded now. She's a big summer memory, but she's not in my closet lol (And actually, I'm older than her!)