Friday, October 10, 2014

Family History (Lack Thereof)

Wednesday was my birthday - age 56 - old enough to groan, not old enough for good perks, yet.
But I dug around and found this photo - I'm the baldy on the left. My cousin Mark (four days younger) is on the right. We were eleven months old and propped with Great Grandmother Farrell.

That's all I know. Can't tell you her first name. She's eighty or so here - but back in the day everyone had that Grapes of Wrath look. They were ancient even at sixty. I have no doubt she always had an apron handy and could whip up a meal for three or thirty.

Stoic, plain speaking. I bet she was kind, but didn't put up with nonsense.

I should have listened better, but I don't remember many stories from my mother about her grandmother. My mom's gone now. But the photo lives on.


  1. Take the fourteen day free ancestry offer...I'll bet you find out lots of neat information. (no this is not ancestry advertising on your site)

    1. I do have an uncle who had done research, but he passed before disseminating info to the family. I need to check with my aunt and see if the info is in the computer or legible. Thanks for the suggestion. I need to just not be lazy!

  2. Isn't it sad to have old family photographs, but no one left to tell the stories behind them? Even worse are the unidentified photos. Some have names and dates scribbled on the back, which is somewhat helpful, but the ones with no notations? Nuttin. Sad.

    Delores is right about the ancestry stuff. My brother got into that and found out all kinds of interesting stuff about our family.

    Happy (belated) birthday. Hey, you're really YOUNG! Not an "old broad" at all...

    Have a super weekend.

  3. I have some old photos like that, except what is even worse, some I don't even know who any of the people are in it. Still I hang onto them. Sigh.

  4. Happy birthday! I only have a couple of months on you. Old pictures with no identifying information are a tease. They leave me hungry for more.