Friday, October 17, 2014

Movie Review Madness: Gone Girl

Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl” was and is a must read. This book defied expectations – forget cooking, cleaning, eating, or the kids. Anyone who picked up this book could not put it down, and then the discussion was a lot of OMG, and “Are you kidding me?!”   Now “Gone Girl” is in theaters and does not disappoint its fans. David Fincher, the director, with Gillian Flynn’s own screenplay brings this cold calculating book of a marriage gone wrong, of successful people failing, and of a murder/kidnapping mystery to film in fine fashion.  

I shall not reveal key plot points, thus this review dances a bit about the story. Just know that Ben Affleck’s Nick comes home midafternoon after a call from a neighbor saying his cat is out and his front door is open. He walks in calling out to his wife, Amy, and finds living room furniture upended and blood in the kitchen. He calls the cops and soon a search for a missing person, Amy, becomes arrest for murder.  

So, did Nick do it? We see the story develop forward and backward. Head over heels love in the early parts of marriage. Huge success in New York. Nick and Amy are the cleverest, cutest, and most accomplished couple. She is still the focus of her parents, having been analyzed as a child with the Amazing Amy series of books. A bit resentful. A tad petulant. Rosamund Pike, as Amy, is icy blonde, fiercely brilliant, and now bored in Missouri. She and Nick had to leave NYC during economic fallout and return to his hometown to help his dying mother. Now his mother is dead, he runs The Bar with his twin sister, Margo (a really good Carrie Coon), and they both feel trapped and resentful. 

What happens? I won’t tell you. Just know that Affleck is perfect as Nick – the cool guy who’s just a bit too good looking and can come off as smug. Is he tired of the perfect Amy? Money troubles always stir the pot. He counts on his twin. They are so close, and yet even she has to ask – did he do it?  The two detectives offer contrast – the guy is sure Nick is guilty, the female detective has her doubts. The fact that Amy herself left written clues (it was an anniversary game) seems contrived.  

In flashbacks and forwards, we see Amy’s side of things through diary entries. Rosamund Pike is Oscar worthy in this role. She’s so calculating and smooth. History of past boyfriends/alleged stalkers proves interesting. Maybe Nick never had a chance.  

That’s all I can write. Read the book. See the movie. Find out what happens to that “Gone Girl.” 


  1. I think I'll read the book first. Good review.

  2. I've already read the book and wondered how the movie compared. Sounds like I'll have to watch it! Thanks for the review. :)

  3. I agree with Barbara. Great review. I'm not a Ben Affleck fan, but this one sounds realistic and suspenseful.

    Broad hugs.

  4. I also loved the book! It was the perfect read to get me through a long flight. I've heard other great reviews about the movie, but I think yours was one of the best! Hopefully, we'll see it next weekend.


  5. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I did read the book (the author was set to be a keynote at our conference this past April, but had to back out due to family reasons, so I read several of her books in prep). Were the characters as unlikable in the movie? Flynn is really good at writing plots that are interesting enough to carry you through despite the characters being awful people.