Monday, October 20, 2014

Why See This Play?


On Sunday, October 19th, I saw the play A Few Good Men with a friend. This was at a local college, Brookhaven, and it was a decent production. If you've seen the movie, the role of Colonel Jessup as done by Jack Nicholson is engraved in the brain. The tension filled courtroom scene between him and Tom Cruise is classic.  "You Can't Handle the Truth"
All in all, the director Lisa Devine gave a faithful rendition of Aaron Sorkin's play. However, I'm not really here to review the play. I'm interested in the why of how we ended up in the Brookhaven theater.
My friend, Tracey, is a faithful Starbucks coffee drinker. She gets her fuel on her way to work and has a favorite barrista, Jake Bullock. In day to day chat, she learned that he is a theater major. Then she noticed he cut his hair quite short. "What's up with the cut?"  
"I got a part in A Few Good Men."
"Let me know when you perform and I'll check it out."
Sure enough, he let her know and had posters hanging at the Starbucks. Tracey knows I'm game to support the arts (and her husband was happy to stay home and watch the Cowboys play football), so we hit the matinee.
After the show, as folks greeted the actors, his face lit up seeing family, friends, and a Starbucks customer. As a matter of fact, another customer was there too. I'm happy to say he did a very good job as Lt. Kendricks - one of the "bad" guys.
It's a busy world, but no matter where you go or what you do, (especially on a regular basis) it's worth saying "hello", "what's new", and learn a little about somebody. You can be surprised.


  1. That's awesome. One of my favorite people is a Starbucks barrista. And one of my favorite singers on The Voice (singing competition) a while ago was one too. Starbucks needs to start a new show: Starbucks Has Talent!

    It's exciting to find out fun info about people through everyday chatter. He must've loved that you supported him by seeing the show. Glad you liked the play too.

    Broad hugs.

  2. I love going to the theatre and it's especially enjoyable when you know someone in the cast.