Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wilson Sisters Wail

Ray was off to the deer lease this weekend. Hmm, what to do? I saw in Friday's paper that Heart was appearing at the Verizon Theater (fairly small venue) on Saturday night. Sure enough, I bought a "cheap" seat - $35 plus fees, and found myself at Radio Station 92.5's blowout.

It was almost a senior citizen convention - every old rocker around hobbled to their seats. Yep - I guess that includes me. The way I look at - everybody driving tonight had good car insurance.

Flashback to the 80s. One of the openers was Night Ranger - Don't Tell Me You Love Me and Sister Christian were their biggies. They were LOUD, but fun.  Another opener was a local dude - Monte Montgomery - darn good guitar player. I liked him a lot.

Headliners - Heart came on at 9:30 pm. and opened with Barracuda. The hits came fast - Magic Man, Crazy On You, Dreamboat Annie, Even it Up, Straight On for You, Alone, What About Love, and more.

Wow - Nancy Wilson looks the same and can play that guitar. Ann Wilson can wail - her voice is richer, maybe a little less of the super high notes, but still she is unique and pure. The two together are rock queens. For 1-1/2 hours they captivated their audience. No fancy gimmicks on stage, just music magic.

I had never seen them in all my years of concert going. Glad I had the chance. Heart is classic and still rockin'


  1. Here's where I am in this '80's Flashback' old rocker's mother. Yep, I use to take my SON and Teen Friends to concerts and wait out in the parking lot ACROSS the street with ear plugs and a book...the sound was still LOUD. I think he missed the Wilson Sisters though...unless they toured with Pat Benatar. Son and friends still LOL about my comment concerning Pat...."Who's HE?"

  2. Oh, this sounds like so much fun!

  3. I had totally forgotten about Heart! How cool that you got to see them!

  4. You know how to have fun. I wish we lived closer. I'd love to hang out with you, Joanne. I'm sure I'd remember all of the songs you listed. By name, only a few come back to me. It amazes me that so many singers sound the same, or even better, than they did decades ago. Some of them look as though they haven't aged either. I wonder how they do it.

    1. the minute you'd hear the opening guitar riff, you'd know the tunes I'm sure, I agree - if we lived closer we'd have a good time. If you ever come to TX, c'mon by and if I hit CA, I'll knock on the door.

  5. Barracuda's the only song I know from Heart. That's weird, because I'm usually an encyclopedia of mainstream music.