Saturday, November 15, 2014

More Philly Fall

 Last weekend was perfect. We arrived back in TX to a total winter blast. My Dad will be getting it this weekend too.  Anyway, this tree is in the neighbor's yard. The colors just popped in PA
 Ray and Dad at the Gwynedd Nature Preserve. Nice one mile walk and Ray saw a deer. We rounded a path in a wooded area and a doe surprised us
 Old working mill near my dad's house. We did not catch the tour on Sunday but we walked around it Monday and peered in the windows. Very cool
 Old Mill
Part of the water source - the Wissahicken Creek - part of the whole watershed

I promised a senior tale.  We sat at breakfast and I asked for words of wisdom. Before Dad could answer, Ray piped up, "Don't plant so much crap near the house."  Indeed - Dad has a jungle that is out of control. So for any new homeowners - whatever you have planned - take at least half of it away.

And there you go.............


  1. Wow, that red tree is amazing! So pretty! That does seem like good advice. We have had to dig up some things growing too close to houses we have lived in in the past.