Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Week - Tuesday

Got no check books, got no banks
Still I'd like to express my thanks -
I got the sun in the mornin'
and the moon at night

Irving Berlin -  1946

A song in the heart can sustain a mood. Try to be down when the Pharell song "Happy" kicks in. Not possible.  I am grateful for music. 

Whistle a happy tune today


  1. This song brought back memories of Annie Get Your Gun. Senior year in high school, I was cast in the chorus, and had one line. Some of the other cast members couldn't dance much better than I, so we were instructed to simply "lean and sway" throughout most of the songs. Our "leaning and swaying" was especially animated during Sun In The Mornin' and the Moon In The Evenin'." Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Joanne!


    1. aahh , show tunes! Very fun.. I could have been a lean and sway person too (but no singing). Take care

  2. I am with you 100%! I've started playing all my old music again and it's lifted my spirits no end. Have Rod Stewart playing while I type this :-) Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. A good song can change my mood and turn my whole day around! :)