Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Week - Friday

Greed for ownership has taken such a hold of us that we seem possessed by wealth rather than to possess it - Pliny the Younger

Black Friday. Today officially kicks off the Christmas shopping season. Retailers and advertisers jam the message down our throats. The whole economy depends on the almighty credit card and where and how it is used.

Sales. Sales. Sales.

I admit I might venture to a store or two, watch the frenzy, stand in a line, use a coupon, and return home weary, but satisfied with my bag of loot.

I shall be grateful for the little things today - look for kids excited to visit Santa Claus, see friends and family bonding over a gift decision, treat myself to a fancy chocolate.

Step back and contemplate the month ahead. Fix a cup of cocoa, sit for a second, and breathe.