Friday, November 7, 2014

Philly Fall

 I am headed to my Dad's in PA for a long weekend - Friday thru Monday. Ray's going too - we got a super cheap airfare. It's good to check in with the senior. We've had lots of emails back and forth. Today he was cleaning the guest bedroom and putting flannel sheets on the bed. I told him we could do that, but no..........
 Yes, this house still has an old rotary dial phone. He doesn't want to remove it, because it would leave a weird spot on the wall and he does not want to have to paint the kitchen. (Makes sense)
Here's a picture from a few years ago - some remnants of leaves stuck in bushes. Not sure if we'll be raking or not. He actually does pay for a service in December, but it drives him crazy to not rake every weekend. I remember, as a kid, when we burned leaves in the street. The neighborhood was a hazy smoky mirage.

If you wonder what we're doing this weekend, most of the time we sit at the kitchen table and talk, and eat, and snack, and talk some more. So, have a good weekend, and I'll be back soon with at least one good senior tale.


  1. Senior tales are the best kind...of course....I'm slightly prejudiced.

  2. I hope you have a nice weekend! If he ever decides to take the phone down, maybe he could hang a picture or some other wall decoration over the spot instead of painting. :-)

  3. Those old phones were brilliant. The kids love using them these days! Have a lovely time.

  4. Hi are the winner of Marvin the Moose at Under The Porch Light. Email me at and give me your mailing address. Marvin is quite anxious to get going lol.

  5. That's one great weekend worth looking forward to. Hope you had a great time. Little things matter most! :)

  6. I'm sure your dad appreciates your visit! Sitting around the kitchen table telling stories sounds like a great way to catch up!