Monday, July 6, 2015

Movie Review: Magic Mike XXL

This review will not be a revelation. Either you liked Magic Mike and have been awaiting the return of the male “entertainers”, or you consider these movies sinful and refuse to pay money for filth. God Bless America because either way is fine. For those ladies (the grand majority of the viewing audience) who see Magic Mike XXL, you will not be disappointed. It’s ridiculous in a good way. It’s laugh out loud funny in a good way. And it’s ab-fabulous in a good way.  

It’s been three years since Mike (the ever fine Channing Tatum) started his furniture business. One phone call does it. He misses his boys and the big dance, and thus joins them on a road trip to a huge convention in Myrtle Beach. This is a light hearted road trip with the gang – Matt Bomer, Kevin Nash, Adam Rodriquez, and the magnetically hot – been working out a lot – Joe Manganiello. There’s a brief mention of Dallas (Matthew  McConnaughey) from the first flick, but we dismiss him and move on. The boys banter and agree that they need new material. So, in one day they get Jada Pinkett Smith on board, and they are funded by Andie MacDowell. Just don’t ask how…. Extreme choreography, costumes, lighting, and of course our boys get the top time slot in the convention show. It’s raining men and money.
Magic Mike XXL has great male bodies and dancing.  That’s the point of this light hearted guy goof, and it heats up the summer movie screens for women. This is not a family flick. This is not date night. This is go out with your friends, ladies night. Just have fun and enjoy the eye candy. It made me smile (and that’s one of the jokes).


  1. Definitely not one for the dudes!
    I wondered whatever happened to Andie MacDowell.

    1. I have always liked her and she's aging well enough.