Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Movie Review: Trainwreck

If you do not know Amy Schumer’s humor, then I suggest watching her comedy shows first. She’s this blonde haired, blue eyed innocent looking gal with a mouth on her. Yes, a tad raunchy but quite humorous. Her new movie Trainwreck  (which she wrote) continues her comedy but morphs into a love story. The movie is very R – do not take kids to this flick. 

Basically, Amy was raised to not trust relationships. Her father and mother divorced when she was young and Dad was a ladies man. Mom has passed and Dad’s in a nursing home with MS. Played by Colin Quinn, he’s a loveable jerk.  Now Amy has a love ‘em and leave ‘em attitude, and we’re just talking for one night dates. She’s got a great job for a magazine in New York, and her boss (the terrific Tilda Swinton) has her up for an editor position.   

Amy is selected to write an article on the hot orthopedic surgeon in town, Adam played by Bill Hader. They are total opposites but do hit it off, and this concerns Amy. He actually calls her after their date and wants to see her again. Gasp! She’s not accustomed to dealing with nice guys that she really kinda likes.  Adam’s buddy is LeBron James, yes THE LeBron and the man steals his scenes. He’s great in this and is concerned that Amy’s going to hurt his friend.  
Family issues, job trials, and a love life are the crux of this movie. Amy has to grow up and face a new reality for her – trust and love can go together. I know that sounds super serious, but that’s the underlying current of the movie. The exterior portion is filled with hilarious lines, good acting, and a real chemistry. Amy and her sister Kim fight but are SO close. Amy and Bill Hader look like normal people and I think that helps make the film work.  

I was along for the ride from the beginning of this Trainwreck.  Big thumbs up for an adult movie (with some bawdy kidding around).


  1. Haven't heard of this. Thanks for the review!

  2. Since I live in Akron, Ohio (where LeBron is from), I've heard a great deal about this one. I haven't seen it yet, but I hope to do so. Thanks for the review.