Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Leaving you Wordless Wednesday

Star Wars - never watched 'em

(But at work, all my guys have discussed the movies and the new trailers so thoroughly, that I am immersed in all things Lucas mania and more.  We hope J.J.Abrams has NOT screwed it up)


  1. And the reviews were unleashed last night at midnight - they say it may be one of the best Star Wars films ever!

  2. I saw the oldest three made but haven't seen the rest. One of these days, maybe, I will. :)

  3. I couldn't finish one film too but my brother is a huge fan. :)

  4. Another time warp group of films where the Force went backwards then forwards, and now the only characters I recognize are the troopers. Definitely a Netflix binge.

    1. the new little droid thing does look cute in the ads

  5. Hi Joanne - I can't get to grips with the films ... so they pass me by - good luck to all who enjoy - cheers Hilary

  6. Yes I am a fan so off I went to see it on opening night with my 21 year old son and yes it is fantastic and brought back all of my own childhood memories of having an out of this world experience when I saw the first film back in 1977 - it will definitely hook the next new generation!!