Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tough Being the New Kid

The New Kid
by Joanne Faries

At ninety, she's the new kid on the block
Moved from her home into "the home"
also known as a "personal care facility"
visitors sign in and out
rules are not meant to be broken
set meal times are restrictive

she won a prize at bingo
declined uno
arthritic hands unable to complete craft's bead bracelet

she would rather read
watch George Clooney movies
stare out her old kitchen window

but that's the past

the walker rolls
down the hall

chin up, 
the new kid smiles

dedicated to my Aunt - she's a trooper


  1. Life can sure change with age, always something new though.

  2. She does sound like a trooper indeed. Glad she won a prize in bingo.


    1. she's a sunny person and is able to escape with other friends

  3. That had me in tears almost, although I'm not that age I am past retirement age and totally alone, I do hope "The New Kid" settles in.

    1. thanks. It's a tough transition, that's for sure. She's sharp. Just needs that knowledge of safety - her old home had tough stairs.

  4. Yeah it's a tough thing going to assisted living. My mom's 89 and refuses to leave her home.

    1. Hope your mom can do well on her own. My dad needs the help but won't concede yet

  5. I watched first my Grandma, then my Dad, and then my Mom go through this. It is definitely a tough transition. Your poem captures it perfectly.

  6. Hi Joanne - so glad she's doing so well ... and accepting that she needed help and will be well looked after ... it's not easy for any of us ... and then know the next generation is next: me! (not for a while yet ...) Cheers Hilary

    1. and things can go along so well - then one fall can change a lot.It's scary to think about. Stay well and healthy!

  7. Imagine how I'd be at the "Home."
    Part of me looks forward to it.
    Fish sticks and lime jello on Fridays, giddy up!

  8. Giving up your independence must be one of the toughest things to do and I hope your aunt doesn't miss her old house too much. Writing a poem certainly brings the predicament to a larger audience and many I am sure will identify with what you've written. Give her my very best :)

  9. Always tough being the new kid...even harder with age.

  10. Kinda sad.

    After my mother's funeral, we went to a nursing home to visit one of my aunts. Even though it's been more than twenty years ago, I can still picture her, and how excited she was to see us. She had all kinds of ailments, and had to use a walker to get around, but when we were leaving, she walked us to the door... carrying her walker a couple inches above the floor, and s really hustling in a drunken-like shuffle. She could really move when she wanted to!