Monday, October 3, 2016

TV review - The Good Place

The Good Place is hilarious television. It’s now on Thursday nights on NBC – thirty minutes of clever dialogue, excellent acting, and super premise. Get caught up and watch it NOW!!!

So, Eleanor (Kristen Bell) finds herself in a new neighborhood in heaven that’s run by Michael (Ted Danson). Supposedly she was an awesome person on earth. But alas, same name, different story. She knows she was “bad” and does not deserve to be there. Totally funny!!!!!

And now her actions seem to be affecting this little piece of heaven.  Her “soul mate”, and ethics professor (played perfectly by William Jackson Harper) has a goal to get her up to snuff, keep the secret, and attempt to not be appalled by her actions.

This is an awesome premise with hysterical writing, great acting, and an all-around good vibe.  I love the flashbacks that show Eleanor being rude and crude. Now in heaven, she does reflect on these scenes and we can see her try to re-write her story. The Good Place  is just a fun sitcom with plenty of material to work with. Please watch. Pray for your souls, and laugh!!!


  1. I've enjoyed it too. Probably will turn out it is a test or something. A way to weed out the truly bad people, like that fake neighbor woman. She's so faking it haha

  2. I saw previews for it, but haven't seen the show yet. Sounds good!


  3. I don't watch much TV, but your review of that show has peaked my interest. I think I'll give it a look-see. Thanks for the heads-up.

    1. It is quick if you DVR it. Will lighten up 20 minutes. Laughter is good!

  4. Sounds like lighthearted fun.

  5. I don't watch much TV either but I'll have to look for this one. I love Ted Dansen.

  6. I haven't heard of this. I'm so far behind on what's new on TV these days. Sounds like a fun one! I'll have to see if I can remember to watch it. :)

  7. It's great to know that good quality, hilarious tv shows still exist. Thank you, Joanne.
    Have a great week, friend.