Friday, June 11, 2021

Friday Frivolity - Confession Time

 I confess

I watch way too much television in the evening after dinner. Ray retires to his big screen for sports or build-a-car shows. I head into our bedroom and grab the remote. Hmmm. What mood strikes me?

I don't binge  - I tend to watch an episode here, another there, until I ultimately do finish a series. 


    Mare of Eastown - Kate Winslet nails a Philly accent as a detective in a very working class town. Lots going on here. A girl is dead and there are a lot of players with motives. This is an intense show but really well done and I enjoyed the local scenery (row homes, pizza, dirty grungy snow)

    In Treatment - Uzo Adubo is the new psychiatrist in a series that had starred Gabriel Bryne. Now it's pandemic time and she's healing by Zoom. Interesting episodes so far. If you are in the mood for angst, this is the one. 

Friends Reunion - OMG - this two hour special was entertaining and a nice mix of nostalgia. Lots of flashback clips and then the gang just laughing and talking about their time together. The ladies look good. Joey looks like he's eaten all the pizza, but not gotten in any workouts. Sadly, Chandler looks bad - rehab issues unfortunately. I enjoyed the writer/producers discussing the casting process and it's fun to see how young this crew was back in the day. Friends stands the test of time from that era. 

Netflix - 

    Halston - high flying super fashion designer once on top of the world, then sold his name, and it all crashed into a sad man on drugs with HIV. Ewan McGregor is really good and pulls off the flair and flamboyance of genius. This is pop entertainment and I was amused. 

    The Upshaws - I love Wanda Sykes (Aunt Lucretia and also a writer/producer). This is very sitcom funny and if you want light and silly, this will amuse you for twenty minute episodes. Kim Fields is great and Mike Epps is the man with way too many kids from too many baby mamas who's trying to keep his s#*t clean. 

    The Komisky Method - Michael Douglas is Sandy Komisky/head of an acting school. His best friend Norman (Alan Arkin -deadpan funny) has passed and now we are mourning him, dealing with his spoiled kids circling for money, and facing his daughters wedding to an "old guy" (Paul Reiser - funny). Kathleen Turner is Komisky's ex-wife and she and Douglas have a grand time on the screen. This is old fart amusing and I was entertained 

Disney - 

    The Mighty Ducks - Ray and I watched this together and got a kick out of the misfit hockey team back on the ice. Emilio Estevez is solid, and Lauren Graham does her fast talking schtick. The kids are all good and it's a root for the underdogs story. 

    Big Shots - John Stamos, once a hot shot college coach, is now back coaching girls high school basketball in CA.  Of course the girls don't accept him at first, but he knows his stuff and soon is building a winning team. Again, underdog  story - Disney pulls it off. 

Apple +

    The Morning Show - I am seriously enjoying Jennifer Anniston/Reese Witherspoon in this morning news show story.  It's a Me Too backdrop, new power struggles, and the heightened stress of aging on screen. Excellent cast includes Billy Crudup - always nice to see those dimples.     

And that's how I'm killing time most evenings.  I confess. Now,  do you have suggestions on other crap I should watch?  What have I missed?

(And keep in mind, it's been raining way too much in TX, so I'm not outside as much as I normally would be in May/June)  Yeah - that's a good excuse....are you buying it?


  1. I'm so bad at watching new things on TV. My poor husband has to pin me down, technically giving an elevator pitch for each new series he's interested in.

    I either read, or veg out in front of something I've seen a hundred times before, or any kind of house makeover programme!

    He's mentioned a couple of things on your list, so maybe I'll give one or two a try :-)

    1. I'm always seeking new, and completing those I start.

  2. I saw bits of the Friends Reunion, which was great fun. Haha. You're right about Joey, and he has a great sense of humor (still). It's sad but also sweet how protective they are about Chandler. Good on him to do the show. I'm sure that took convincing.

    Have a great weekend, my friend.

    1. Glad you saw it and agree. Just a fun reunion.

  3. I watch way too much TV, but in the circumstances there's not much elas to do after chores have been completed.

    Have trouble with format on my blog, which prevents me from writing a post, I can get all yours and other followers, as restrictions are still in place can't get an engineer to see what's wrong.
    Have scanned pc many times but shows NO VIRUSES.
    Take care.

    1. I understand your TV viewing. You are up on it all. And computer stuff is frustrating

  4. Hi Joanne - I've just been getting by - and am making a concerted effort to read more rather than just watch that box thing! I do want to see Mare of Eastown ... my connection isn't great - so if it's not on reasonably early tv, I just don't watch - but I'm getting by and reading considerably more.
    Cheers and enjoy your bingeing! Hilary

    1. I try to get a mix but feel a tad guilty when I just plop in front of the tube