Friday, November 5, 2021

Sail into the Weekend

I went for a walk in my dad's neighborhood a week ago and plucked the prettiest fallen leaves from the street.  I often say look up. In this case, looking  down offered surprises. 
Stop and smell the late blooming roses
Let's sail into the weekend despite any storm clouds surrounding us.  This is Lake Noxamixon (sp?) up in PA. 
The colors weren't quite popping on this October day.  But fall is here
More leaves. I brought a bouquet of them back to my father. He wanted to see fall colors, and was very pleased with my collection

 Have a good weekend everyone. Ray's off deer hunting to his aunt's place. I'll have the place to myself and the big screen remote in hand at night to watch no sports. What's in your queue right now? I like The Morning Show on Apple +


  1. Hi Joanne - love the idea of your bouquet of leaves for your Dad ... I did that occasionally for my mother ... prickly holly, she could work her fingers round and that scent of fresh leaves - in your case a hint of earthy leaf smell ... and those colours - always good to see.

    Just enjoy your peaceful weekend! Mine will be a book ... Cheers - Hilary

    1. Greetings. This weekend involves hanging with friends and that's a good thing. I enjoyed a lunch today and a nice stroll. Our weather is supposed to be spectacular so there will be patio time. Enjoy your reading

  2. I've been admiring red and orange leaves too, Joanne. They're glorious.
    Have a wonderfully peaceful and sports-free weekend.

    1. thanks. It's been an excellent sport free weekend. Great laughs with friends yesterday, just hanging on my patio