Friday, November 26, 2021

Happy Turkey Birthday and Weekend, Lori

Yesterday - Thanksgiving Day November 25th was my little sister's birthday.  She's our turkey. 

Here with our Nana Crowther

Lori - all happy in a new vest in front of her townhome
Chilling on the Brooklyn Bridge
Always a party with Dad
and back in 2011 in Ashville - hanging with Ray and our sister-in-law Cherie

Happy Birthday Lori!! Hope it was a good turkey day (with some chocolate cake too!). Enjoy your weekend and bask in the glow of another year. You are the best!!    Love - Big sis  J


  1. Lovely cheerful, cheery time fo Lori - Happy Birthday Lori ... and an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend to you both and families. Cheers Hilary

    1. had a really nice long weekend. And chatted with Lori who enjoyed her birthday time. All good here! Stay well