Friday, June 17, 2022

Friday Friends and Family

Hey - When you read this, I am on  my way to PA. Yep, time to drive from TX to PA and go  hang with Dad.  Someone needs to keep track of him since my brother and his wife are actually taking a vacation. Oh no - am I a reliable caretaker?  Hmmmm. Questionable. 

Anyway - I hope to see of my PA crew - I've known these ladies since junior high, high school, and college. What a crew

And I'll miss these ladies back  in TX. We'll  have  our pool days in August when I return
Here's an oldie with my sister and dad in NYC. .  Nope - Dad will not be going to NYC or much further than his recliner.  But we'll have laughs at the kitchen table. 
Another batch of friends. We celebrated a birthday, had lots of laughs, and good cheer. 
And then there's Ray.  He'll be my guy booking  my hotels as I drive east. He'll be holding down the fort, attending  Texas Ranger baseball games, and no doubt running amok. 

If anyone sees him doing anything  too crazy....well, let me know if I need to file an insurance claim. 

I'm prepping some posts. I hope you folks have a good  summer month - mid June  to mid July. I plan on eating a cheesesteak or two, some really good pizza, heading  to the shore, and enjoying time with my dad, family, old friends, etc. 

Stay cool, stay safe,  and use sunscreen!


  1. Just enjoy that time with your Dad, family and friends - sounds like life is planned ... enjoy, enjoy - happy days - while Ray is safely organised apparently! cheers Hilary

  2. He looked happy, being with all of you!

  3. Save travels and have a wonderful visit with your friends and your Dad.
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    1. Thanks. I always have fun back in the nest