Monday, June 20, 2022

Monday Moments

I should be arriving in PA any day now.  Not sure if I'm doing  any sightseeing  along the way...maybe some Smoky Mountain National Park. Tennessee has a lot of great scenery to enjoy.   Meanwhile, here are some TX state park pics and some good random quotes. 

Without order there can be no society, and without society there can be no human perfection - Matthew Arnold.   (P.S. I think we are falling way short on decent  society....just sayin')

There it was...the irresistible destination  of all those  who insist on  being  where things are happening - Tom Wolfe on NYC in the 1980s    Oh yeah.  Maybe while I'm in PA I'll hop a train for  a day in NYC  - that's a dream.  Do I have enough $$$$
Do what you are afraid to do - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Okay, I dare you.   Let's see what we  all  achieve this summer.....


  1. Hi Joanne - I hope you're there now and enjoying seeing your Dad, family and friends ... and that Ray sorted you out with good hotels and perhaps the odd place to visit en route. Enjoy - we've had blistering weather here ... but now the tennis season has arrived - cheers from sunny Eastbourne - Hilary

    1. Yes I made it with fun along the way- two presidential libraries, and a plantation. Now in PA much cooler. Yea. Dad is okayish. We are having laughs.