Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Wednesday Whatever

I agree, Emma. 

 Very easy to put off any chore when one has a book in hand. 

Or practically leaning over someone's shoulder to see what they are reading.  Having flown lately, I found myself glancing at a seatmate's iPad. It drove me mad and he read very slowly - ugh...I was ready for him to move on...ha!

Or when you become new friends with someone and the first time you go to the house...I have  to restrain myself from not immediately heading to  any bookshelves and reviewing the choices. Then I do judge if there is appropriate lighting for actual reading.

I am shameless.  Anyone with me?

Whatever, Wednesday


  1. Hi Joanne - nope I don't do that ... I would try and find something quick to read when I'm at someone else's home ... as I need to finish it! I've also learnt to avoid checking out others reading matter - but might take the title or author in. I did that in a bus ... and ended up going to buy the book! Love the images and words ... cheers Hilary

    1. I don’t judge out loud. Politely internal. And yes, sometimes find new gems