Friday, June 24, 2022

Friday Movie Madness Multiverse and Dr. Strange

 Running a bit behind on movie  reviews, but we are finally seeing more in the theaters. Part of the whole  Marvel gang, Dr. Strange - Multiverse of Madness, was extremely entertaining on the super big screen. Benedict Cumberbatch is always darn good. Elizabeth Olsen, with those big eyes and innocent face, can be so evil as The Scarlett Witch. 

The effects are very cool.  The fight scenes (and there's a lot of them) are well choreographed. Keeping  track  of time and space is tricky and that's the point  of  the multiverse. I can't give you a coherent  plot line. 

Dr. Strange does encounter a young teenager who does not know her own  powers. She does  know she zips through time, but can't seem to control it, but she's being chased by a higher being  who wishes to capture and  harness her strengths. Of  course, only Dr. Strange and his whole  group of  mystical  spirit beings could  be the folks to  save her. So we zoom through portals. We ponder difficulties. We try to understand how  Wanda/Scarlett Witch can be conquered. 

The two hour movie goes by quick enough and Ray and I were entertained. There is a teaser trailer  during final credits - hint ,  there's Charlize Theron....say what?  We do come out and say WTF?  But it's fun and for five dollars, I'm happy. 

It's Madness, I tell  you.....Madness. 


  1. Hi Joanne - glad you were able to have Ray with you and enjoy the $5 show! Fun - not my scene ... but always happy to read about - cheers Hilary

  2. Indeed it was a cheap date and we had fun. Marvel isn’t for everybody.
    Enjoy your weekend