Friday, July 29, 2022

Finally Friday - Four Winds by Kristin Hannah

 cover blurb - My land tells its story if you listen. The story of our family

Four Winds by Kristin Hannah begins in Texas 1921 and life is good. Elsa Wolcott, unmarried, meets Rafe Martinelli and her life changes. 

1934 and it's the Great Depression. Drought has dried up the land. Crops fail. Wells yield nothing. Dust storms roll across the plains. Cover blurb - Everything on the farm is dying, including a tenuous marriage; each day is a desperate battle against nature and a fight to keep Elsa's children alive. 

Choices - fight or flight. California beckons. 

As always, Hannah has done her research and gives us a sweeping  novel against the backdrop of the 1930s - a desperate time in America. Vivid characters, an attention to detail, and quite a story. Elsa is a strong woman and you'll root for her as you read Four Winds. 


  1. Hi Joanne - I imagine an eye-opening novel of that period ... giving us the background to life now ... and one we need to note - thank you - Hilary

    1. Her research is topnotch and her characters are well drawn