Monday, July 25, 2022

Manic Monday Flashbacks

I am probably driving back from PA by now.  Let's leave with memories  of really tall  trees.  I am a tree hugger - always look up
By August I'll be back poolside. And the pool will be a spa.  Texas heat , damn!
While I was gone, I bet  Ray made  it  to  San  Saba  to visit Aunt Pat.  No doubt they enjoyed  an adult beverage while watching a splendid sunset. This is from  a past  visit. I can vouch for the splendid skies.  
Coats?  Quebec.  This was my PA gang many years ago on our Canada trip.  So much fun. So many laughs. 

 And little sand toes by me and Ray in Orange Beach,  Alabama.  So nice.  We need another beach vacation soon.  

This has been  your Manic Monday Flashback that  was actually quite relaxing.  Hope it's a good week,  gang 


  1. Hi Joanne - yes manic mondays come around ... or muddle mondays for me!! All well - and somewhat cooler thank goodness ... welcome home when you get there - cheers Hilary

    1. I've been home now a week or so and pretty much caught up on the heat and more. And I'm "over it". Hope you folks are getting back to cool normal. You have no place to hide when it's so hot.