Friday, July 15, 2022

Happy Birthday Dad

dad with his sister, Janice
dapper Dad back in the day
baby boy George
Dad with my sister, Lori.  She's the best!
Dad with my mom on their wedding day


Happy Birthday Dad!   91 now.  Last year was the big 90 celebration.  Now - it's "are you going to get to  100?  slog along".   

He had a bad week with Covid this year, but came out of it okay. No after effects. 

He broke his foot just  before the Covid and managed to heal and make  it through lugging his boot around (complaining a lot). 

He's enjoyed many of his old movies a zillion times - thank goodness  for Turner  Classics. 

And he  got to see the new Downton Abby movie - A New Era.  

Oh, my Dad is a bit nuts, but he's our crazy dad in a good way. Still chugging  along in his house happy for his chicken salad sandwich, good strawberries, and a cookie. 

Happy Birthday, Dad.  Love ya lots!


  1. Wonderful to see Joanne - Happy Birthday to your Dad, and to all the family on this his special day ... lovely memories you've shared here.

    Thank you ... have fun - cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks. He would get a kick out of you. We’ve had a good visit.

  2. Beautiful, priceless photos! My best wishes to your Dad, and to you.