Monday, July 18, 2022

Monday Madness - Happy Go Lucky by David Sedaris

 Another book by David Sedaris is always welcome. Happy-Go-Lucky is another  collection of his essays worthy of a chuckle on each page  or an "Oh my he didn't just  write what we are all thinking" comment. 

This book covers time in pandemic  lockdown, dealing with the death of his father, and his observations now  that he's back  on book tours and readings - some commentary about battle-scarred America. 

He chronicles time in  an interesting  manner and his sisters always add another dimension, especially Amy Sedaris. And there's his partner, Hugh, who when David reads him a new piece, says "That's terrible" guarantees David will use it and the audience will laugh. 

I read, laugh out loud, and  also shake my head at David Sedaris' observations. It's not jokes. He gives you the setting, the characters, and then you see how his brain twists and pulls in small details to make a big picture of a life moment.  He's a hoot!


  1. Now I see he lives here in the UK ... I'll look up some of his work on the Beeb ... cheers H

    1. yes - he moves between the UK and France, and then is on tour a lot. He's a unique man.