Friday, September 8, 2023

Finally Friday - I Love the 80s

Well it was actually Sunday August 20th when Ray and I attended an I Love the 80s concert at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth.  What the heck!  Fun flashback and live music. 

Dang it was mostly "old" people at the concert.  The good thing is we all pretty much sat to enjoy the music, and stood for the big numbers at the end of a set.  I never did want to stand through a whole concert, even back in the day.

Tommy Tutone opened at exactly 7:30 pm.  He was amusing and of course we could  all sing along - Jenny, Jenny 867-5309

Paul Young was a UK dude and I only knew one  song. His set was the  weakest. The man lost his voice and his looks. His big number was an old Daryl Hall song - Every Time You Go Away.  

Next up - Hooters - a Philly band. They still sounded great and were tight. Lots of great songs and energy.  And We Danced,  All You Zombies, Day by Day     I really enjoyed them after all of these years. 

Finally - our star, Rick Springfield. He's 74 but looks great - lean with  the leather coat, long hair. He's lost a bit of the voice, but still adequate. He talked, had videos playing of himself back in the day of pretty boy, General Hospital, etc. You can tell he was having a blast and could also laugh a bit at his image. And the finale song was Jessie's Girl - he had his shirt off, sang like crazy, and really ended on a high note. 

A friend sent me this photo - apparently sometime he was at a liquor store signing rum bottles. He and Sammy Hagar are in on a product.  He did put in a plug onstage and swigged some rum. 

Fun time all around and Ray was a good sport for taking me. He knew some lyrics too!


  1. That is quite the blast from the past. Springfield looks great for his age. Paired with Hagar? Quite the combo!

    1. Yes. He looked great and exuded a lot of energy. Then again, it might take him two days to recover. Ha!

  2. Still looks spry for his age. Sounds like a fun time. But yeah, I never want to stand for a whole concert either.

    1. It was fun and he sang the hits on key. Hoorah! I stand for the encore. Hope you are well!