Monday, September 11, 2023

Monday Moments - Crooked Hearts by Lissa Evans

 Crooked Hearts  by Lissa Evans was a tricky little  read. I spent fifty cents at the library  book sale  for this and it was totally worth it. I wasn't convinced at first that I liked the characters, but then I was hooked. Poor Noel - age 10, no  family is evacuated from  London to a northwest suburb. It's WWII.  Vera Sledge takes him in. Her  life is a mess and she  needs this smart young man to help her collect money for "widows", or whomever folks will fall for.  The two of them scheme. Let the games begin. 

I won't give away more.  Let's just say this is a very unconventional story in the middle of a very serious war. They are bombed.  They are skirting the law. It's amusing, touching, and a really good story.  Thumbs up. 

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