Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Wednesday Whatever - jujitsu, toes, and remember

I did not do an official post on Monday 9-11. It was a day of remembrance, of solemn vows, and it's hard to believe it has been twenty two years.  I am saluting  that day and I do believe this should be taught in school. It is a day of history that was a pivotal turning point for America.  

Meanwhile - here's our future. Two kick butt little girls who did great in  a jujitsu tournament. Skylar on the left got silver. Dakota on the  right got gold.  These are Kevin and Maria's youngest. Well rounded - they do well in school. And they are fearless. 
And here's the joy  that is in America.  Yes - Ray chose a Dallas Cowboy football salute for  this pedicure. We had a fun time with Chris and Krystal. I only got  blue. 

Crazy whatever Wednesday. 


  1. Good for the girls!
    Yes, what happened that day must be taught in schools.
    And I've been trying to comment since yesterday. Google wouldn't let me log in. Finally discovered my browser was set on the highest security, so now I'm going back to blogs and changing that so I can comment.

    1. thanks Alex. Those girls are scrappy. I appreciate your perseverance to comment.